Rimantas Varanavičius

Director of Product Management, Supply Chain Collaboration cloud services, Bentley Systems Lithuania

Director of Product Management for ProjectWise cloud services:
– ProjectWise Deliverables Management service (transmittal, submittal and RFI management) used by major global AEC firms for some of the largest projects in the world (ex. High Speed 2). “Hockey stick” usage growth during 2017 – YoY growth up to 407%.
– ProjectWise Project Insights service – big data analytics service to help track engineering projects progress and status, help identify urgent project issues and perform root cause analysis, enable proactive process improvements.

Product manager for solutions leading in global and regional markets. Developing business process and document management automation solutions, building data driven products.
Delivering just exactly what is needed to address specific quantifiable user problem and nothing more. Less is more. Good at asking Why and saying No to new feature requests (and have it appreciated). Building solutions that are simple to learn, easy to use, visually appealing, easy to sell and the team can be really proud of.

Specialties: Business process automation, Product management, Market problem research, User Experience improvement, Software Development, Managing distributed teams using Agile processes, Negotiations.

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