Why attend

What is BIM?

  • Is it Building Information Modelling or Business Information Management?
  • What is beyond BIM and what is Common Data Environment?
  • Where the most benefits of BIM technology usage are accumulated?
  • How owners and operators, government and municipalities can benefit from BIM?
  • Where BIM lifecycle starts and what finishes it?


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The BIM and Beyond Baltic Tour is becoming a tradition – after successful roadshow in October 2016, the organizers are repeating this initiative again in all Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: September 13th – Riga, September 21st – Vilnius, September 27th – Tallinn. Don’t miss the opportunity to get answers to above questions, and meet the international presenters in Your City!

The scope of presentations we will cover the whole lifecycle of any infrastructure project:

  1. A platform for managing the information and processes throughout the whole lifecycle
  2. Preparation for development and development
  3. Preparation for construction and construction
  4. Capturing environment for future project
  5. Fixing as-build situation – preparation for operation and maintenance

Fellow colleagues from any Governmental organization, Public institution or Private Company from DevelopmentDesignConstructionOwner-and-Operator sectors are invited and will find the appropriate takeaway for his own daily business or operations in Smart City PlanningIntelligentTransportation and Utilities.


keynote Dalius Gedvilas VšĮ "Skaitmeninė statyba" direktorius, Lietuvos statybininkų asociacijos prezidentas
keynote Stefan Sigvardsson Business Solution Director, Project Delivery – EMEA, Bentley Systems Inc.
keynote Steve Cockerell Industry Marketing Director - Rail, Bentley Systems UK
keynote Iain Miskimmin Manager of the Crossrail - Bentley BIM Advancement Academy
keynote Slavco Velickov Global Water Industry Sales Director, Bentley Systems
guest Rimantas Varanavičius Director of Product Management, Supply Chain Collaboration cloud services, Bentley Systems Lithuania
guest Mark Rogers Bentley Product Sales Director, Progressive Assurance Solutions – Europe
keynote Doc. Dr. Vladimir Popov VGTU Statinių skaitmeninio ir informacinio modeliavimo technologijų centras
guest Dr. Arūnas Urbšys Projects Development Director, UAB "IN RE"
guest Tadas Samoška Products Manager, UAB „TPI Vilnius“
guest Ints Lukss Member of the Board, MikroKods Ltd; Chairman of the Board of Latvian GIS Association, Latvia
keynote Urmas Jüriorg Owner, CAD-süsteemide OÜ, Estonia
guest Taavi Ruudi Sales Manager at CAD-Süsteemide OÜ
keynote Raido Puust Professor , Tallinn University of Technology
guest Vaiko Veeleid Hades Geodeesia OÜ / Topcon partner in Estonia






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