Ints Lukss

Member of the Board, MikroKods Ltd; Chairman of the Board of Latvian GIS Association, Latvia

After graduation of Latvian University at 1976 as physicist in speciality Optics and Spectroscopy my primary tasks was connected to the implementation of computer methods for processing of experimental data (applied statistics, nonlinear regression etc.) within Intitute of Inorganic Chemistry of Latvian Academy os Science. From early 1990-ies I started to work in field of land information systems, at the beginning for development of Latvian Cadastre and later for computerisation of Latvian Land Registry. From 1996 I’m working mainly in private business and also participated in several international projects in the field of land registration, cadastre and land information systems (Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Azerbaijan).
I have skills and experience in: Business Process Analysis, System Analysis, System and Database Development, Programming, Project documentation writing, Project management.
Major platforms: Oracle Database, Oracle Spatial, Bentley Microstation, Hexagon (Intergraph) solutions, Web services and SOA.

Specialties: Land Information Systems, Cadastre and Land Registry, Geographical Information Systems, Notary Information Systems, University Lecturer

Member of the Board, MikroKods Ltd

Lecturer at Riga Technical University, Reading the Land Information Systems

Chairman of the Board of Latvian GIS Association

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